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Charizard cannot legally learn this move (via level up, TM/HM, or breeding) in the game. Only through the use of a cheat-device can Charizard learn this move.

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Q: How do you teach Charizard sky attack?
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How do you teach sky attack to Charizard in Pokemon crystal?

i don't think it possible

How do you teach sky attack to aerodactyl?

You can teach it that in the battle frontier in HeartGold and SoulSilver OR breed it Sky Attack.

Can you teach Charizard to fly?

Yes, You Can Teach Charizard To Fly.

Where can you teach staraptor sky attack?

you can teach staraptor sky attack at the battle frontier, you can buy it with 64bp. this only works in Pokemon herat gold/soul silver

How do you teach braviary sky attack?

It cannot learn it. And that's that!

Who is better Charizard X or Charizard Y?

Charizard Y has a much higher Attack stat than Charizard X, But Charizard X can boost its Attack, Defense, and Special Attack stats, and he can deliver some heavy damage. Overall, Charizard Y is better.

Which Pokemon should i teach earthquake to Charizard swamper or pupitar?

Swampert. Swampert gets STAB, and also has higher attack than Charizard. Pupitar is just...poopitar compared to those two.

Can pidgy learn sky attack?

If you trade pidgey to Pokemon xd gale of darkness there is a move tutor in agate village that can teach sky attack.

Can staraptor learn sky attack?

As of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, you can take Staraptor to the Move Tutor in Battle Resort and teach it Sky Attack. For Generation IV, you can teach Staraptor Sky Attack from the Move Tutor in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

How do you teach a Charizard shadow claw?

To teach charizard shadow claw, you must get a heart scale and bring it to the move tutor. Once you do you get to teach it shadow claw.

When does Togekiss learn Sky Attack?

You need to teach it via move tutor in Pastoria

Charizard learn fly in Pokemon Fire Red?

Use HM2 to teach charizard fly.