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On generation 4 and above, level it up to level 21. It doesn't get to learn ice fang below generation 4.

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Q: How do you teach feraligatr ice fang?
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When does feraligatr learn ice punch?

Feraligatr cannot learn Ice Punch naturally however a Move Tutor can teach Feraligatr Ice Punch in "Pokémon Platinum," "Pokémon HeartGold" and "Pokémon SoulSilver."

How do you teach aerodactly ice fang?

you need a heart scale to give to the move tutor in pasroria city, then he'll teach your arodactyl ice fang.

How do you get a feraligatr with ice punch in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must go to the Frontier Front and talk to a man inside a house. He will offer to teach feraligatr ice punch, but for 64 B.P.

How do you teach floatzel ice fang?

It should learn it as it gains level, but if it doesn't then go to a move tutor that takes heartscales and give him a heartscale and he shall teach floatzel ice fang.

Were can you get ice Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold?

I'm not sure how but i know how to get a Pokemon that has a ice type move. starter:totodile, learns ice fang when at croconaw stage evolution chain of totodile: TOTODILE---->CROCONAW---->FERALIGATR

Can you teach hippodown fangs?

go to the guy in pastoira city for a heart scale he will teach fire,ice,and thunder fang.

Is there a TM for ice fang?

No, there is an ice beam but no ice fang.

Should Gyarados learn blizzard or icefang?

Ice Fang. Gyarados has not good special attack and coincidentally Blizzard is a special move type. Whilst Gyrados has a good physical attack, Teach it ICE FANG!

How can i teach feraligatr hydro pump in Pokemon crystal?

Feraligatr can learn Hydro Pump at level 58 in Pokemon Crystal.

How can luxray learn ice fang?

Luxray can only learn Ice Fang from breeding. To get a Luxray that knows Ice Fang you need to breed a female Shinx with a male Piloswine that knows Ice Fang. The resulting egg will be a Shinx that knows Ice Fang upon hatching.

How can Floatzel learn Ice Fang?

You can teach it through a TM OR hove that dude who lets ur Pokemon REMRMBER a move in Pastoria

What moves does feraligatr learn?

feraligatr only learns like 5 or 6 moves plus the option of hydro cannon so im going to tell you all the moves through out the day you get/got tododile to the day you get a lv 100 feraligatr. feraligatr starts with 2 moves scratch & leer then he learns water gun,rage, bite, scary face, flail,agility,crunch,slash,screech,thrash,aqua tail,superpower,and lastly hydro pump.somewhere in there he learns ice fang but i don't know when since i kept it forever bonus:once you get to blackthorn city there is a house on the left of the Pokemon cednter it will have four people talk to the old man on the right he will ask you if you want an ultimate move (for feraligatr) tap yes and he will teach your feraligatr hydro cannon p.s. i don't know the levels