How can Floatzel learn Ice Fang?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can teach it through a TM OR hove that dude who lets ur Pokemon REMRMBER a move in Pastoria

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Q: How can Floatzel learn Ice Fang?
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How do you teach floatzel ice fang?

It should learn it as it gains level, but if it doesn't then go to a move tutor that takes heartscales and give him a heartscale and he shall teach floatzel ice fang.

How can floatzel learn ice punch?

Floatzel does not learn ice punch. Floatzel does not learn any ice type attacks naturally and must learn ice type moves via TM.

When does floatzel learn his best move?

If you have a Floatzel, teach it 2 of the Five: Ice Fang Water Gun Swift Brine Aqua Jet The best move I would say: Surf and Waterfall

What level does floatzel learn ice punch?

Floatzel does not learn Ice Punch when it levels up. It is a BP move. If you want it to learn Ice Punch, it has to first be a Buizel and give it the BP move. If it is already a Floatzel then it will not work.

What level does buizel learn ice punch?

buizel doesn't learn ice punch, but floatzel can learn ice punch

Does floetzel learn ice punch?

Provided you have the cost of 6 Blue Shards and 2 Red Shards, Floatzel can learn Ice Punch at the Route 212 Move Tutor. It might just be easier to go with Ice Fang that just requires one Heart Scale.

What Pokemon can learn ice fang in Pokemon soul silver?

Gyrados can learn Ice Fang when leveled up. If you chose TOTODILE as your starter Pokemon, it will also be able to learn Ice Fang.

How can luxray learn ice fang?

Luxray can only learn Ice Fang from breeding. To get a Luxray that knows Ice Fang you need to breed a female Shinx with a male Piloswine that knows Ice Fang. The resulting egg will be a Shinx that knows Ice Fang upon hatching.

Can croconaw learn ice fang?

Croconaw learns Ice Fang (Ice, Physical) at level 21.

Can Empoleon learn ice fang in platinum?

No, Empoleon cannot learn Ice Fang by any means in Platinum. It can, however, learn Ice Beam, Blizzard, and Avalanche by TM.

What Pokemon can learn ice fire thunder poison fang?

Drapion can learn thunder fang, fire fang, ice fang and poison fang Drapion learns thunder, fire and ice fang at the start, you just need some heart scales It learns poison fang at level 39

Can luxray learn fire fang and ice fang?

It can through breeding...