How can floatzel learn ice punch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Floatzel does not learn ice punch. Floatzel does not learn any ice type attacks naturally and must learn ice type moves via TM.

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Q: How can floatzel learn ice punch?
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What level does floatzel learn ice punch?

Floatzel does not learn Ice Punch when it levels up. It is a BP move. If you want it to learn Ice Punch, it has to first be a Buizel and give it the BP move. If it is already a Floatzel then it will not work.

What level does buizel learn ice punch?

buizel doesn't learn ice punch, but floatzel can learn ice punch

Does floetzel learn ice punch?

Provided you have the cost of 6 Blue Shards and 2 Red Shards, Floatzel can learn Ice Punch at the Route 212 Move Tutor. It might just be easier to go with Ice Fang that just requires one Heart Scale.

How do you beat Cynthia with floatzel?

Teach your Floatzel Ice Punch to use against Cynthia's Garchomp and Surf to use against her Lucario and Gastrodon.

When does a Hitmonchan learn Ice Punch?

It learn ice punch at level 36

What level does electabuzz learn ice punch?

He doesnt learn ice punch

How does sneasel learn ice punch?

Sneasel can only learn ice punch by having a parent, Buneary, that knows the movie. Sneasel cannot learn ice punch through any other method.

How do you teach floatzel ice punch?

Either use a TM or go to On the website, look up floatzel. Look at the list of info and details. It will show all the moves floatzel can use, and MANY other useful things. :)

How do you teach floatzel ice fang?

It should learn it as it gains level, but if it doesn't then go to a move tutor that takes heartscales and give him a heartscale and he shall teach floatzel ice fang.

Can Glaceon learn Ice punch?


What Pokemon can breed with floatzel?

If the floatzel is female, it can breed with any water pokemon, for example, a male marill. But since the floatzel is female, its baby will be a marill. If the floatzel was male and the marill female, the baby will be a floatzel. Also, the baby's attacks and status will originate from both parents, like marill's double-edge and floatzel's ice punch. Convenient, eh?

When does feraligatr learn ice punch?

Feraligatr cannot learn Ice Punch naturally however a Move Tutor can teach Feraligatr Ice Punch in "Pokémon Platinum," "Pokémon HeartGold" and "Pokémon SoulSilver."