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force update, it will reset everything, it is really annoying

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Q: How do you switch your controls back to normal on Minecraft of a mac?
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How do you change controls in minecraft back to normal?

Look up the default controls on the minecraft wiki page, go to the control settings in minecraft, and change them.

How do you change the controls on your minecraft back to normal?

There is no way to restore the default controls other than to find a list of the default controls somewhere and change them manually.

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How do you switch your Pandigital from Android back to normal?

download the firmware for your model

Is there a way to reset your Minecraft controls?

Go into the Options menu and under Controls.... click on the Reset Keys button and it will make every thing go back to the original game controls.

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How do you change my Minecraft default skin back to steve?

When you open up Minecraft and it comes up with the login explorer, click on options and click force update you then log in and your Minecraft will return back to normal and don't worry it only replaces your with a new one.

How do you move in the minecraft computer version?

W=forward A=left S=back D=right use mouse to turn. it is the default controls on all PCs and laptops.