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You first throw a Splash Potion of Weakness at them right-click on them with a golden apple (Not enchanted). This will eventually turn them back into a Villager.

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Q: How do you turn a zombie villager back into a normal villager in Minecraft?
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How do you cure a zombie villager in minecraft?

you first need to get a golden apple and a splash potion of weakness. you then give them to the zombie villager and wait. it will eventually turn back into a testificate.

How do you get zombie farm back to normal when it crashes?

you don't :]

How do you turn zombie john marston back to normal?

Kill people

How do you change controls in minecraft back to normal?

Look up the default controls on the minecraft wiki page, go to the control settings in minecraft, and change them.

How do zombies turn back into humans?

Zombies are not real, they are fictitious characters from books and movies. However, in most zombie-themed fiction, it is not typical for a zombie to turn back into a normal human.

Where do the zombies come from in undead nightmare?

a mask from escarla seth has it when you get it and put it back every zombie will go back to normal but seth steals it and john turn into a zombie the mask is a eye seth took from the first game

Do you go back to being a normal person after being killed as a zombie?

I'm afraid not. Zombies who are killed do not come back to life as normal people or even as zombies, they remain dead, forever.

Why does your 1999 mercury villager overheats but goes from normal to hot then back to normal?

There has been some talk that the Mercury Villager doesnt have a great cooling system, sometimes a bigger radiator replacement might help.. but either way you have to keep the coolant, timming, etc in perfect state. The reason why it goes from normal to hot then back to normal is because that is usually when the temperature rises hi enouth for the thermostat to open up and lets the cooling back in circulation thru the whole system...

How do you switch your controls back to normal on Minecraft of a mac?

force update, it will reset everything, it is really annoying

How do you change my Minecraft default skin back to steve?

When you open up Minecraft and it comes up with the login explorer, click on options and click force update you then log in and your Minecraft will return back to normal and don't worry it only replaces your with a new one.

How do you plant zombies on zombie farm?

Make sure you have some plowed land that has nothing growing in it before doing this. You go to the market and go to zombies then select the zombie you want to plant. Then it should go back to the normal screen, you then press on the square of plowed land and your character will plant the zombie for you.

How do you get twist'n grunt on office zombie?

You use the pumpkin try to hit the zombie's head in the back.