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We are unable to answer that question because we do not know information about personal servers.

You will have to ask the administrators/ops on the server.

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Q: How do you rank up past a beggar in minecraft nz?
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What are the names of the 2 sports that New Zealand has won gold medals in the past?

NZ Sevens Team, NZ Silver Ferns

Why did groups of people migrate to NZ in the past?

because they thought that new zealand was a better place

Which past NZ cricketer is in court in London defending himself against claims of match fixing?

adam Parore

Why did nz get involved in ww1?

NZ was colonized by the British and a country in the British Empire. When Great Britain went to war with Germany, so did NZ, Australia, Canada, and other countries which were then part of the British Empire. WW1 was not merely a clash of countries. It was a clash of empires, even more so than WW2, and it is difficult to equate in a modern context now that Imperialism is in the past. The question "Why should NZ get involved?" was probably not asked in NZ at the time, at least not aloud.

What was the name of the NZ boat?


Why New Zealand dollars are so strong?

New Zealand economy is booming due to immigration in the recent past. the money is just pouring in and the house prices have muliplied in the recent past. There are many international investors investing in NZ due to these factors and politically stable conditions, no epidemics. riots, calamities and no terrorism too. So when evryone wants to buy in NZ or buy NZ dollar then the dollar will naturally go up. Some believe this phenomenon not to be sustainable and fear a slow doen soon.

Why is kiwiana important to NZ?

kiwiana is important to nz as they are items, events, people etc that are owned/inherited in nz and are things that we specialise in and they represent nz

What is the NZ?

NZ is short for New Zealand

When and how did deforestation occur in NZ?

Pollution of nz

Is Geraldine in nz?

Yes there is a Geraldine in NZ!!! :)

What does native to nz mean?

you were born in nz

When was .nz created?

.nz was created in 1987.