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You have to sing the words and match the pitch. The words and pitch are on the top of the screen. you can select how the words show up. It's Like Karaoke, but with matching the pitch.

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Q: How do you play with mic in band hero?
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Can you play band hero without the instruments?

yes, yes you can

Can you play guitar hero world tour with rock band drums and guitar and microphone?

you can with mic and guitar, but not drums

Will guitar hero warriors of rock bundle play the rock band disk?

the guitar and mic will work the drums will NOT

Can you use band hero drums and mic with guitar hero 5?


Can you use a rock band instrument to play a guitar hero game?

In Guitar Hero World Tour, you can use the guitar and mic from rock band to play. just not the drumset. But anything before world tour, that would be a no.

Do you need a Wii remote for the mic on band hero?

yes you do

Will a Rock Band Mic work with Guitar Hero?


What instruments does band hero include?

Guitar, Drums and Mic

What xbox 360 microphones work with guitar hero world tour?

You can use the Xbox 360 headset, the Guitar Hero mic, or or Rock Band mic.

Is the rock band microphone compatible with guitar hero?

Yes, I played Guitar Hero Metallica with the Rock Band mic and it worked great.

Will Rock Band equipment work with Guitar Hero World Tour?

I depends on which version of the game you play. If you have Guitar Hero on Wii, only the mic will work, but everything should work if play it on PlayStation 3.

Will guitar hero world tours mic work with rock band?