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you don't use it

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Q: How do you play guitar hero 5 with no mic?
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Can you use band hero drums and mic with guitar hero 5?


How do you play Guitar Hero 3 with a Guitar Hero 5 guitar?

The same way you play with a GH3 guitar

What is Guitar Hero 5?

Guitar Hero 5 is the fifth installment of the Guitar Hero Games. It contains many songs you can "play" with the guitar provided.

Can you play Guitar Hero 5 with a guitar for Guitar Hero world tour?

I believe you can, yes.

Can you play Guitar Hero with rock band drums and guitar and microphone?

i think you can... it depends which type of guitar hero you have (:guitar hero 5 you definatly can (:you can use the rock band 2 drums for guitar hero 6, and i think u can use the rock band 1 and 2 drums on other guitar hero games as well.the guitar works fine on all systemsthe mic also workshope this helps...x

Can you play Guitar Hero 5 with a Guitar Hero 3 guitar?

yes. Guitar Hero 3 controllers are actually better. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Can you use Guitar Hero world tour microphone for Guitar Hero 5?

Yes. Guitar Hero 5 is great to play with friends. Singing rules!

Can you play Guitar Hero 5 with a Guitar Hero aerosmith guitar?

yes,as long as the guitar and the game is the same gaming console.

How do you play Guitar Hero 5 with only a guitar?

u cant play guitar hero without the GUITAR,geez retard!!! seeya! ABBY (=^-^=)

Can you play guitar hero 5 with sing star microphone?

No i dont think you can't play any GH game with singstar mic. Well you can play Rock Band 1,2 ac/dc (atleast I tried those)

Can you play drums on Guitar Hero 5?

yes you can with either the rock band drumset or guitar hero set

Does Guitar Hero help you play guitar?

No, because Guitar Hero is a video game with 5 buttons. If you wish to learn Guitar, I suggest getting a REAL GUITAR.