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You can play Rock band with a Guitar Hero guitar, but you can't play Guitar Hero with a Rock Band guitar.

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Q: Can you play Guitar Hero with a guitar from rock band?
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Can you play Guitar Hero 3 with a band hero guitar?


Are rock band and quitar hero equipment able to both run on xbox 360?

I believe that the rock band guitar could play on guitar hero, but guitar hero's guitar would not play on rock band.

Can you play Rock Band using instruments from Guitar Hero?

Yes. Even though the instruments have different styles, You can still play Rock Band drums, guitar, bass, and vocals on Guitar Hero. yes but say you got guitar hero and you wanted to play rock band with guitar hero guitars but you need the soft where. PS its better if you get guitar hero and then rock band.

Does rock band-guitars work on Guitar Hero?

Yes any rock band guitar can play on Guitar hero 3

Can you play Guitar Hero with the rock band guitar?

yes you can

Can you play a Guitar Hero game with a Rock Band Guitar?

Unfortunately, no, a Rock Band guitar controller will not work for Guitar Hero games. However, a Guitar Hero guitar controller will work for Rock Band. You could also use the wire less Rock Band Guitar on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Can you play Rock Band songs on Guitar Hero?

No. Rock Band songs only work with Rock Band, and Guitar Hero songs only work with Guitar Hero.

Is the guitar from Guitar Hero Metallica compatible for use with Rock Band?

yes but why would you play Rock Band if you have Guitar Hero Metallica?

Can you play Rock Band ACDC with a Guitar Hero metallica guitar?

Yes the guitar hero guitars are completely compatible with rock band.

Can you play Guitar Hero games with rock band guitar and drums on PS3?

No, its the other way around. You can play guitar hero with rock band drums on the 360.

Can you play Guitar Hero 2 with the Guitar Hero 3 guitar?

Yes but It will not work for rock band though

Can you play a guitar from rock band on Guitar Hero 3?

I think you can because they are the same type ( I put a guitar hero guitar on rock band and it worked ( I think ))