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You cannot craft it. Sorry.

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2012-03-28 17:58:21
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Q: How do you make a wooden chestplate and wooden helmet in minecraft?
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What do you use leather for on Minecraft?

Leather can be used for armor: helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots. Check out the link under "Sources and related links" below this answer for information about how to make armor.

How do you make chestplate for Minecraft?

You get 8 pieces of iron ore then put it in furnace.then go to crafting table and look for iron chestplate.FOR MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION

How many wooden planks do you need to make a boat on minecraft?

to make a boat on minecraft you need to use 5 wooden planks.

How do you make a chestplate minecraft?

You can make one out of diamond, iron, gold, or leather like this MEM MMM MMM M=One of the materials E=Empty

How do you craft items in Minecraft?

Get wood and make wooden planks in your inventory. Use 4 wooden planks to make a crafting bench. Minecraft Wiki has a lot of crafting recipes.

What armor can you make in Minecraft?

Helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots.

What shall you make on minecraft?

first of all wooden planks

How do you make wooden walls in Minecraft?

You just build up.

How do you make clothing in Minecraft?

To make armor, you need to find diamonds, iron, gold or leather. You get leather by killing cows, and diamonds, gold and iron by mining. There are 4 different types of armors in Minecraft: chestplate, boots, leggings and helmet. You can use any type of material mentioned above, but they have different durability and resistance. Anyway, they can be crafted like this (E = Empty, M = Any material): Chestplate: M E M M M M M M M Boots: E E E M E M M E M Leggings: M M M M E M M E M Helmet: M M M M E M E E E To put it on, go into your inventory and drag the armor to the slot next to the picture of your character. Make sure to put the armor in the logical spot (leggings on legs, chestplate on torso, helmet on head, boots on feet).

How do you craft a bowl in minecraft pe?

make a bucket out of wooden planks.

How do you make iron chestplate in minecraft?

You place iron ingot on all but the top middle slot in the crafting table. For more information, see related link below.

What was used to make a roman chariot?

wood, robe, metal and, wooden weels. the men in the chariot would have metal /wooden helmet on almost like a foot ball helmet but more ovol. and on there feet they would have wooden andx cloth sandels.

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