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Helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots.

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Q: What armor can you make in Minecraft?
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Can you make armor in minecraft pocket edition?

You can not build armor in minecraft pocket edition armor does not even exist in minecraft pocket edition.

Can you make gravity armor in Minecraft?


How to make horse armor on Minecraft?

You cannot make horse armor in Minecraft. Instead, you need to find it in dungeon chests.

How do you make invincible armor in minecraft?

no you can't

How do you make an iron armor in minecraft?

To make iron armor, make the shape of the armor you would like with iron ingots. Look at the attached link below to understand how to craft armor.

Can you make armor in minecraft pocket edition iPad?

Yes you should be able to. Check that your minecraft pe is version 0.6.0 or 0.6.1 If it is either of those then you can make armor and use it

What can you make armor out of in Minecraft?

iron diamond gold and leather

How do you make a zombie in minecraft with leather armor?

There is no way to make zombies wear leather armor, but sometimes zombies can naturally spawn already wearing the armor.

How do you make a shield in minecraft?

There is no such thing as a shield in Minecrat. But there is armor. If you want to learn how to make armor, write a message on my message board.

How do you make cloths on Minecraft?

you dont make cloths you make armor. to get cloths you need a texture pack see link in related links to find armor instructions.

How do make armor in minecraft pe?

cant do it yet, but in future updates, you probably will

How do you get armor in Minecraft pe?

I believe armor (armour) has not been officially released to minecraft P.E.