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You place iron ingot on all but the top middle slot in the crafting table. For more information, see related link below.

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Q: How do you make iron chestplate in minecraft?
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How do you make chestplate for Minecraft?

You get 8 pieces of iron ore then put it in furnace.then go to crafting table and look for iron chestplate.FOR MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION

How do you make a chestplate minecraft?

You can make one out of diamond, iron, gold, or leather like this MEM MMM MMM M=One of the materials E=Empty

How do you make iron mail on Minecraft?

You can't make an iron mail but you can make an iron chestplate. Just get 8 iron ingots and put one in each box and only leave a gap with no iron ingot in the middle top box of the crafting table.

How do you make a wooden chestplate and wooden helmet in minecraft?

You cannot craft it. Sorry.

How do you make a chestplate in minecraft?

8 of leather,iron,fire,diamond and gold and fill in the middle and lowest row and on the top row leave the top middle free of any item and fill all the rest hope this helped :)

What do you use leggings for in Minecraft?

You use leggings in Minecraft as a piece of armor. They are the second best piece in a set after the chestplate.

How do you make iron armor on Minecraft?

You need Iron Ingots first of all. Place the (I)ngots in the following configurations. Helm EEE III IEI Chestplate IEI III III Leggings III IEI IEI Boots EEE IEI IEI Where E is an empty space.

What can you make out of iron ore in Minecraft?

The only thing you can do with Iron Ore in Minecraft is smelt it in a furnace to get Iron Ingots.

What is the armor in Minecraft?

It is an item that you add to your armor slots. It reduces damage that you take. The 5 types are: Leather Iron Gold Diamond Chain (unobtainable in survival) each set has a helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots

How do you make steal on Minecraft?

There is no steel in minecraft. You're referring to iron, and you need to smelt iron ore in a furnace.

How do you make iron ore on Minecraft?

You cannot 'make' iron ore, you find it underground.

How do you make iron ladders in minecraft?

You can't.