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3 iron ingots

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Q: How much iron do you need to make a bucket in minecraft xbox360?
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How do you make a bucket on Minecraft for a tablet?

Three iron bars

Can you make a bucket out of wood or stone in minecraft?

Technically, but not really. You have to get wood for stone and stone for iron, which you need 3 iron ingots for 1 bucket.

What can you make with iron ingots in minecraft?

You can make bucket, shears, iron tools and armour. Google it if you don't know the recipes.

How do you make a basket on Minecraft?

I'm assuming you mean a bucket. To craft a bucket, place iron ingots in the same position as wooden planks when you make a bowl.

Where is the milk on Minecraft?

You can get milk with a bucket. To make a bucket, you have to get 3 Iron Ore and turn them into Iron Ingots in a furnace. Then craft that into a bucket. If you right click on a cow, you can collect milk from it. Sometimes it takes multiple tries to get milk.

Is there any way to move or remove water on minecraft?

To make a bucket with iron ingots (link included to make one its hard to explain)

How do you make a bucket of milk in minecraft?

You use a bucket on a cow.

How do u get a lava bucket in Minecraft survival?

Place two iron ingots on both sides of the middle row, then in the middle of the bottom row put the iron ingot, then you have a bucket, then go find lava, and click with the bucket in your hand, There you go! Hope this helps :)

How do you make a well on minecraft?

on the XBOX you need a bucket of water, iron AND a 5 feet deep pit of dirt. you put the water in the bottom of the pit put iron around it and then you are done

Can you make a bucket in minecraft pocket edition?

Not yet.

How do you make a flower pot in Minecraft Xbox360 edition?

At the current time it is impossible.

What can you make out of iron ore in Minecraft?

The only thing you can do with Iron Ore in Minecraft is smelt it in a furnace to get Iron Ingots.