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You can't, at least not on leafgreen... the only way to get those pokemons without trading is using pearl's GTS...

First, go into the GTS and put the Pokemon you want to evolve up for trade, but offer it for an impossible trade, like a level 9 and under arceus.

Next, do at least one trade over the GTS (it can be any Pokemon, so just trade for a dumb one)

Finally, after you have made at least one trade, take the Pokemon you offered back and it will evolve. I evolved my golem and alakazam this way... so it'll probablly work for gengars and machamps as well...

No. Has nothing to do with pearl.

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Q: How do you machamp without trading in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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How do you machamp without trading in Pokemon crystal?

I wouldn't know how to machamp without trading either

How do you get all three starters in pokemon leafgreen without trading?

It is not possible to get all three starters in Pokemon LeafGreen without trading. This was an intended mechanic to encourage interaction between players.

How can you get a machamp in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you've to get a machoke in a trade and when it arrives to your game it will evolve by itself without any help from you

How do you get a chikorita in Pokemon leafgreen without trading from another game?

You cant.

When will Haunter evolve on Pokemon LeafGreen without tradeing?

It won't evolve without trading

How do you golem without trading in Pokemon LeafGreen?

i have no idea. But i feel ur pain!!!!!!!

Where do you find luvdisc on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cant find him without trading with cable link.

Is there a way to get all starters without trading in LeafGreen?

No, you can only get all starters without trading in Pokemon yellow, but Leaf Green is a newer version of Pokemon green, so it's impossible.

How do you get machamp without trading?

you can trade or find him and catch it how you mostly do

How do you get a master ball without trading any Pokemon or using the action replay in Pokemon Leafgreen?

u get it off a man in the bilding

How does machoke evolves without trading?

Machoke cannot evolve without trading, it must be traded in order to evolve into Machamp.

How To get Celibi in Pokemon FireRed?

Celebi cannot be obtained in Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen legitimately without trading. There are no events for Celebi currently and an GameShark may be required.