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You can only "learn" Fire Punch in Diamond via breeding a Pokemon with another who already knows Fire Punch (Magmar for example)

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Q: How do you learn fire punch on Pokemon diamond?
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In Pokemon indigo what level does electrive learn fire punch?

idk and Pokemon indigo is called Pokemon diamond

How do you make Alakazam learn Fire Punch on Pokemon FireRed?

The only way Alakazam can learn Fire Punch is through a Move Tutor on Pokemon Emerald Version.

Where do you get fire punch in FireRed?

Fire Punch is not an TM or HM in Pokemon FireRed. It is learned by level up or by breeding for Pokemon that can learn it.

How do you teach your Golem fire punch on Pokemon diamond?

At the move tutor.

Can flareon learn fire punch?

No, Flareon cannot learn Fire Punch

How do you obtain the TM Fire Punch in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You are just a super loser who plays Pokemon(: my little brother played Pokemon when he was 5(:

Where do you get ice fire and thunder punch in pearl?

Fighting/Pshychic Pokemon can learn it. Medicham learns them.

What level does a duramaka learn fire punch?

Darumaka learn fire punch at level 22Hope I helped

Where do you get TM rain dance in Pokemon diamond?

if you're looking for the tm's fire punch, thunder punch, ice punch, or headbutt you can find them in the golden rod dept. store

Does Metagross learn fire punch?


How do you make Hitmonlee learn Mach Punch on Pokemon Fire Red?

He needs to get to a certain level or u have to use a TM

What level does vulpix learn fire spin?

In what Pokemon game? In the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, Vulpix learns Fire Blast on level 47. Of course, you could always teach it Fire Blast from TM38 on any level. Actually, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are the only games which allow Vulpix to learn Fire Blast as a part of levelling up. The Pokemon games of the three previous generations only allow Vulpix to learn Ember, Flamethrower and Fire Spin by levelling up.