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Fighting/Pshychic Pokemon can learn it. Medicham learns them.

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Q: Where do you get ice fire and thunder punch in pearl?
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Fire punch in Pokemon Pearl?

beat the elite four 100 times to get fire, ice, and thunder punch all at once

In Pokemon ShinyGold where can you get a TM Thunder punch?

Goldenrod Mart.There is also Fire Punch and Ice Punch there.

What are the best move set for Dragonite?

Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Outrage, and either Fly or Ice Punch.

Where do you find ice punch in LeafGreen?

Of all unfortunate things you can't get ice punch or fire punch or thunder punch, all of the punches must be learned by a Pokemon that can by level.

Who can learn ice punch thunder punch and fire punch?

there is machamp, Mankey, and hitmonlee

What are the best moves for dusknoir?

I'd have to say Shadow Punch Trick Room Shadow Ball Thunder, Ice, or Fire Punch

Where do you get TM's in Pokemon Crystal?

if you're looking for the tm's fire punch, thunder punch, ice punch, or headbutt you can find them in the golden rod dept. store

Who is better hitmonlee or hitmonchan in Pokemon fire red?

Hitmonlee is more defencive and Hitmonchan is high in attack. Hitmonchan also learns and the punches: ice punch, fire punch, and thunder punch

How do you get ice fire and thunder punch to kadabra?

Go to the move tutor between pastoria and hearthome city and he gives it to Kadabra.

What are the best moves to teach regigigas?

Confuse Ray Fire Punch Ice Punch Knock Off Thunderpunch Dizzy Punch (Platinum) Foresight (Platinum) Mega Punch (Diamond & Pearl) Stomp (Diamond & Pearl) Revenge (Platinum) Superpower (Diamond and Pearl) Zen Headbutt Crush Grip Giga Impact

What are the best moves to win a beauty contest in Pokemon platinum?

lets see. well first you need a medicham teach it Meditate fire/ice punch NOT thunder punch doesn't matter didn't you read the above!

What moves does electivire know if you get it off of Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Ice punch, earthquake, thunder punch, and cross chop