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Of all unfortunate things you can't get ice punch or fire punch or thunder punch, all of the punches must be learned by a Pokemon that can by level.

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Q: Where do you find ice punch in LeafGreen?
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Where do you find the TM ice punch in Pokemon platinum?

Ice Punch cannot be found as a TM in Pokemon Platinum. Ice Punch was TM 33 in Pokemon Gold and Silver but TM 33 was changed to Reflect since then meaning Ice Punch is no longer a TM move.

How do you make Snorlax learn ice punch?

Teaching Snorlax the move Ice Punch in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen requires a bit of effort. First Snorlax needs to be traded to a game of Pokémon Emerald that has the National Pokedex and reached the Battle Frontier. Then you need to gain at least 48 Battle Points to pay the Move tutor to teach Snorlax the move Ice Punch. And Finally trade Snorlax back to your copy of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Where do you find swinib in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Swinub is not in Pokemon LeafGreen.:new person here: you can get swinub at ice cave on four ilsand

What level does buizel learn ice punch?

buizel doesn't learn ice punch, but floatzel can learn ice punch

What moves does hitmonchan learn in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokémon LeafGreen, Hitmonchan's moves are ThunderPunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Mega Punch, Comet Punch, Revenge, Pursuit, Agility, Mach Punch, Sky Uppercut, Detect, Counter, Bulk Up, Toxic, Focus Punch, Sunny Day, Hidden Power, Protect, Rain Dance, Earthquake, Return, Frustration, Brick Break, Double Team, Rock Tomb, Secret Power, Facade, Attract, Rest, Thief, Strength and Rock Smash.

How can your Weavile learn Ice Punch?

The way a Weavile can learn Ice Punch is probably if you teach it. Ice Punch isn't a TM so you have to go to Pastoria City and talk to the Move Teacher guy. You have to give him a heart scale in return( you can find heart scales underground).

When does a Hitmonchan learn Ice Punch?

It learn ice punch at level 36

What level does electabuzz learn ice punch?

He doesnt learn ice punch

Where is the TM for ice punch?

TM 33 in Generation II is Ice Punch, but in Generations I, III & IV, TM 33 is Reflect. So, there's no location of Ice Punch.

Where do you find lorelie in Pokemon LeafGreen?

shes in the ice cave its in either island 2 3 or 4

How do you chain breed a scraggy to know ice punch?

Medicham/Hitmonchan (male) with ice punch Breed with female buneary -> hatch egg to get buneary (male) with ice punch Breed this male buneary with scraggy (female) to pass on ice punch to scraggy egg.

What level does Weavile learn Ice Punch?

you have to breed a male hitmonchan/medicham that knows ice punch. breed it with a female buneary (it should know ice punch). the buneary has to breeded with a female sneasel/weavile. a sneasel will hatch from the egg. it will know ice punch.