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Ice Punch cannot be found as a TM in Pokemon Platinum. Ice Punch was TM 33 in Pokemon Gold and Silver but TM 33 was changed to Reflect since then meaning Ice Punch is no longer a TM move.

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Q: Where do you find the TM ice punch in Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you get ice punch in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't, you can only get ice punch in platinum but a move tutor near snow point city.

How do you get ice punch in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokémon Platinum the move tutor on Route 212 can teach it to your pokémon.

What level does feraligatr learn ice punch?

There, Feraligatr can not learn Ice Punce Naturally You Have to learn Ice Punch By going to the move tutor Note : This only works for Pokemon Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soulsilver

Where do you find ice punch in LeafGreen?

Of all unfortunate things you can't get ice punch or fire punch or thunder punch, all of the punches must be learned by a Pokemon that can by level.

Where can you find a powerful ice TM in Pokemon Platinum?

TM 13, Ice Beam, comes from the casino in Veilstone. You can also get Ice Punch via move tutor.------------ TM14, Blizzard can be found at Veilstone Department Store at Veilstone at the cost of 5500.

How do you teach Ice Punch to Sceptile?

In emerald you can learn it for 48BP at the battle frontier. In ruby/sapphire you can't

Where to find a trainer with a iceon in Pokemon platinum?

ice type trainer in snowpoint

On Pokemon platinum where do you find regi ice regi steal and regi rock?


Where to get TM13 in pokemon platinum?

TM13 is Ice Beam, you can find it on Route 216.

How do you make ice punch stronger in Pokemon?

Well ice punch is a physical move so ev train ur pokemon in atk

When does feraligatr learn ice punch?

Feraligatr cannot learn Ice Punch naturally however a Move Tutor can teach Feraligatr Ice Punch in "Pokémon Platinum," "Pokémon HeartGold" and "Pokémon SoulSilver."

What Pokemon can learn ice punch?