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Nothing will happen if you keep installing and uninstalling minecraft. Minecraft does not track how many times you have installed it nor does track how many computers you have it installed on. The only drawback is if you uninstall Minecraft by deleting the .minecraft folder you will lose all of your saved worlds on that computer.

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Q: What happens if you install and uninstall minecraft too many times?
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What if a texture pack messed up your Minecraft?

How did the texture pack "mess it up"? Doesn't it work to open Minecraft or is there anything in the game that doesn't work? Be specific when you ask a question. Anyway, you can try to delete the texture pack files from the Minecraft folder. If it still doesn't work, you should uninstall Minecraft and download and install it again. You can download Minecraft as many times as you want once you have bought it.

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Does the amount of times you have deleted your Minecraft folder effect Minecraft?

No unless you have an corrupted file

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Why wont the minecraft 1.3 pre release work?

I tried many times, i dont know, but i know that when u install it, u install it as, and i think its supposed to be jar. Or maybe im not right. Anyways the full 1.3 update comes out August 1, 2012. And i think that has to work.

How many times can you apply for the minecraft server the Voxel box?

3 times,

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How do you restart Minecraft?

We need to know what you mean by restart. Be specific when you ask a question. But I'll try to answer it anyway. If you mean making a new world, just open Minecraft, go to singleplayer and select "Create a new world". You'll start at the beginning again with no materials or anything. If you mean re-installing the game if you got some errors or bugs, just uninstall it and download it again. When you have bought the game once, you can download it as many times as you want.

What are the times of ban in Minecraft?

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