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Q: How many times do you have to pay for minecraft?
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Was raisins used to pay taxes in ancient times?

play minecraft now!!

What happens if you install and uninstall minecraft too many times?

Nothing will happen if you keep installing and uninstalling Minecraft. Minecraft does not track how many times you have installed it nor does track how many computers you have it installed on. The only drawback is if you uninstall Minecraft by deleting the .minecraft folder you will lose all of your saved worlds on that computer.

How many times can you apply for the minecraft server the Voxel box?

3 times,

Do you need to pay to get the horse update in minecraft?

IF it's your first time getting Minecraft, you have to pay $26 for the launcher. If you have Minecraft before, then no.

Can you get Minecraft for free?

You can't get minecraft for free. Pay for it.

How muck do you have to pay for Minecraft for the PC?

Minecraft costs $20.00.

How old do you have to be to pay minecraft?

10 and up, but Many kids of 6 and above play.

Do you have to pay to get minecraft mods?


How much do pay for minecraft every month?

Minecraft is a onetime Purchase not every game is a pay to to play meaning you pay per month to play.

Can you pay for Minecraft alpha in sterling?

You can pay for minecraft in any currency: it automatically converts. In pounds sterling it is around £13.

Do you have to pay pay once for minecraft server slots?

Most Minecraft server hosts require a month-to-month payment. However you can pay annually in some for a certain amount of RAM (Memory that specifies how many slots you should have)for one bigger payment.

Do you have to pay if you download minecraft?

You have to pay for the game before you can download