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minecraft is a onetime Purchase not every game is a pay to play...
pay to play meaning you pay per month to play.

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Q: How much do pay for minecraft every month?
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How much money does Minecraft make in a month ?

You only pay for minecraft once, and that price is $26.95. However, if you are having a minecraft server, you have to pay $10 a month.

Do you have to pay for minecraft on computer every month?

No, you only pay for it one time. All updates are free.

How much does a minecraft account cost per month?

it does not cost per month you pay in one lump sum up front.

How much does minecraft cost each month?

You arent required to pay each month it is just one payment of about 20-30dollars

Do you need to pay every month for minecraft pocket edition?

No you don't. Its just a 1-off $4.99/£4.99 payment.

Do you have to pay for minecraft every once in a while?


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Do you have to pay pay once for minecraft server slots?

Most Minecraft server hosts require a month-to-month payment. However you can pay annually in some for a certain amount of RAM (Memory that specifies how many slots you should have)for one bigger payment.

What will the subscription fee be in the new MMO RIFT?

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