How do you kill vamp in mgs4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First kill kim. when he's on the ground, take out your syringe and stand next to his head. When he gets up, CQC him, then press triangle. Then Raiden will kill him for you :)

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Q: How do you kill vamp in mgs4?
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How do you defeat vamp in mgs4?

You defeat him by shooting him, so his life goes down and then press R1 when he gets up and press triangle to inject the needle.

When was If Looks Could Kill - Transvision Vamp song - created?

If Looks Could Kill - Transvision Vamp song - was created in 1990.

Will there be a sequel to mgs4?

NO unfortunately Hideo Kojima has repeatedly announced he wouldn't be making a sequel to MGS4

What does mgs4 stand for?

MGS4 stands for Metal gear solid 4 itz a PS3 game

Metal Gear Solid 4 how do you kill vamp?

To kill vamp here's what you need: you need your favorite guns and the syringe that naomi gave you. 1st step. you need to shoot vamp until vamps life gauge reaches zero. 2nd step. when vamps falls to the ground use the syringe before he starts regenerating life again and that's it!!! you have killed vamp. 3rd step. enjoy the game. Did you find it useful please comment back at

Mgs4 for 360?

no itz not

What is the logo on the front of snake's vest in MGS4?

The Logo on Solid Snake's Combat Vest in MGS4 means Philanthropy.

How do you know if your a vamp?

You are not a vamp because they do not exist. They are from myth and legends. No one is a vamp.

How do you get face camos in mgs4?

Once you beat the beauties in their big 'suits' and you have to re-kill them in normal form use a gun that uses tranquilizer rounds to knock them out

Is big boss in mgs4?


Does Big Boss die?

Big Boss Dies in MGS4. Don't get mad at me if you haven't played MGS4....the question was asked, and I answered it.

How can mgs4 be for PS3 only?

It is not, the mgs4 could be made for ps2 as well if they ever made it like that. For me complain to the people that made the game.