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Simple. You cannot.

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Q: How do you hack gems on everybody edits?
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How do you do gem cheat on everybody edits?

i need gems

How can you make coins orange then blue rapidley in Everybody Edits?

In Beta That Can Work. You Need 100 Gems For Beta, Buy Them At A Site That Gives Everybody Edits Gems, Got it?

How do you get coin walls in everybody edits?

you have to buy it with energy or gems on the new version

How do you hack everybody edits?

use cheat engine or wpe pro

How do your get free gems in Everybody Edits?

You have to buy them with PayPal or check out the free offers to see if you can get some free gems.

How do you get the reindeer smiley in everybody edits?

You have to buy it with gems now because the Christmas offer is over.

Is there a way to get the wizard smiley besides a magical coin on everybody edits?

No, unless you hack.

Do you have to get the gems on Everybody Edits Beta Program?

What do you mean? Gems ARE needed for buying the beta. Captcha Trader is a way to earn the gems.(Can be found under related links below)

How do you get gems on everybody edits?

You either have to pay using paypal, or you can get gems for free of mobile phone. You can earn them here:

What do gems do in everybody edits?

if your a guest they do nothing. if you have an acount gem serve as a way to donate to chris (creator of ee). when you buy gems you can spend them on stuff that you could or couldn't get with energy in the shop.

How do you do an energy cheat for Everybody Edits?

You can only do it if you have Everybody Edits cheat engine, but maybe if you're lucky, your Everybody Edits profile could glitch somehow.

How do you get free beta everybody edits?

There Is NO Way to Get Free Beta, The nearest thing to FREE Beta would Be getting someone to Buy it for you... Or you can go to the "Get Gems" tab and click on Super Rewards or Gambit Tabs for offers that reward you free gems.