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Q: Do you know A shared beta account for everybody edits?
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Does somebody have a everybody edits beta account I need one because I forgot my password?

i do

How can you make coins orange then blue rapidley in Everybody Edits?

In Beta That Can Work. You Need 100 Gems For Beta, Buy Them At A Site That Gives Everybody Edits Gems, Got it?

How do you get in Everybody Edits Beta without making a username?


Is everybody edits beta free?

No "EveryBody Edits Beta" Is not Free At the current time, as the Domain that it is on Needs money to keep it Running. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The regular version of the game is free but you can upgrade to BETA for $10 so you can still play the game for free but you will not be able to unlock some of the features such as a chat room. Hope it helped!

Is everybody edits the game free?

yes it is unless you want to buy the beta version which is 10 dollars

Do you have to get the gems on Everybody Edits Beta Program?

What do you mean? Gems ARE needed for buying the beta. Captcha Trader is a way to earn the gems.(Can be found under related links below)

How do you get free energy for everybody edits?

i saw soemone in youtube he played in a server one second tada your energy is filled up you can only do in beta

How do you change to a devil face in everybody edits o6x?

You have to have BETA access, simply click on the smiley icon along the bottom that says 'YOU', then pick your face.

How do you get free beta everybody edits?

There Is NO Way to Get Free Beta, The nearest thing to FREE Beta would Be getting someone to Buy it for you... Or you can go to the "Get Gems" tab and click on Super Rewards or Gambit Tabs for offers that reward you free gems.

What is the energy for in everybody edits?

It is used to be used in the energy shop. You can buy more smileys, bricks, backgrounds, some decorations, and coindoors, portals, and spawn points. If you want to buy beta, big spender, and classic items, you have to use gems.

What is a Club Penguin beta account?

a beta is a club penguin account that has the beta hat from 2005

How do you become a beta on everybody edits?

First go to your account on Then log in and ask your parents to buy it for you with their credit card (It costs $10 (not monthly)) On Paypal. If they buy it for you then you with get access to beta.everybodyedits, 6 smileys (Crying smiley, winking smiley, furious (or thrilled) smiley, Sunglasses smiley, devil smiley, and the confused smiley), 1 massive saved world, 1 small saved world, 1 beta only world ,and access to other people's beta only worlds. You can only access beta-only worlds on the beta site. When Chris/Peter makes a new thing (Such as the candyland package right now), Betas get to use/buy it first, then it goes to the public. I know this because I am an EE veteran and I know lots of things about the game (Not the fact that I AM a beta). I hope this helps :).