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Beta 1.0

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Q: What is the oldest minecraft beta version?
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When was the beta version of Minecraft released?

The beta version of Minecraft was released on December 20, 2010.* * Minecraft-beta came after Minecraft-alpha, but before Minecraft 1.0. You can play Minecraft-beta with the new launcher.

Is beta a free game from Minecraft?

No, it is not. Minecraft Beta is the newest version of minecraft. In order to get it, you must pay for it. You can play a free version called minecraft classic though.

Is there a Minecraft delta?

No. The full version of Minecraft will come out after Beta 1.9. Most games have their alpha stages then their beta stages and then the full version comes out.

What version did Minecraft get infinate terrian?

When minecraft went into beta version. In alpha the world was a set size.

What is the difference between Minecraft beta and Minecraft alpha?

Alpha was an earlier version on minecraft beta, it has poorer graphics, less blocks and far fewer crafting recipes.

When were beds introdced in Minecraft?

They were first introduced in the 1.3 Beta Version of Minecraft.

Where can you find a free version of Minecraft?

minecraft classic and minecraft beta singeplayer, all on

What was the first price of Minecraft?

21$ for beta version

Do you get the full version of minecraft for free if you have the beta?


What update has enchanting in minecraft?

Any version after Beta 1.8.1

Is the game Minecraft free?

When Minecraft first came out you could get Minecraft for free. Now that Minecraft has entered Beta version you have to pay for it.

Where can the Minecraft game be played without a download?

The Minecraft game can be played for free, as a beta version, on the Minecraft website. This version does not require the user to download any files.