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You don't. Pins are one-time-only things. Get them while they're hot!

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Q: How do you get the pins in the yearbooks on Club Penguin?
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How do you get pins in Club penguin?

you have to look for out-of-place objects. often they are not touching the ground. sometimes you may have to complete tasks to get them. btw u cant keep the pins that you find in the yearbooks.

Where are some hidden things in club penguin?

well, there are some hidden pins in the yearbooks, you have to click on things, there is a hidden room in the epf,and there are other secrets that you will have to find out by expolring!

What are the pins on club penguin 2011?

it is in the night club

Where are the pins on club penguin?

every where i guess

How do you get the pins in the stage on club penguin?

You have to find them.

Where are pins in Cp?

it is in club penguin hahahhahahh

Where are pins in Club Penguin?

Get a life :) that's what it is.

Where are the hidden pins on Club Penguin?

There are to many to name but some will come out on the Club Penguin news

Where are the club penguin pins?

Club penguin pins change where they are every two weeks, the one at the moment (07/07/2012) is at the Dojo Courtyard.

Where are all the newest pins on club penguin?

in the mine

Do penguins hide pins on Club Penguin?

yes they do

How do you get 50 pins in club penguin the fastest way?

There is no fastest way! You have to get the club penguin pin, and then wait for the next one.