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No, you do not need to connect your action replay to your computer but you have to look online for codes for your action replay though

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Q: Do you have to connect your action replay to the computer?
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How do you setup action replay on computer?

put in the disc that came with it and install it then connect your action replay to your computer and the install wizard comes up install it

What do you do if you have every thing plugged in on the action replay and when you press on the quick update it says you need to connect your action replay?

than you have not register the Action Replay software in to your computer.

Action replay codes that works for you cheat?

a CD comes with the action replay, you put it into your computer and install it, you connect your ARDS into the computer via USB. and update it into your ARDS

How do you figure out action replay codes?

when you buy a action replay it should come with a code manager that puts codes on your action replay when you connect it to the computer (you get to manually pick which games from which region) so they work on the game you have.

How do you upgrade a action replay dsi?

go to the action replay site and connect your action replay and click on upgrade.

How do you connect action replay to my computer?

You just have to:Connect the wire that came with your action replay to the action replay.Put the action replay into the D.S. or D.S.I.Plug the OTHER end of the wire into the PC.Turn on the D.S./D.S.Note: If you were just confused on how to plug it in, Ignore step 4.

I downloaded the action replay from the internet and my action replay won't connect?

pee on it

Why wont my action replay code manager stop trying to update my action replay whenever i try to connect to my computer i even tried removing the program and reinstalling it but that didn't work?

Your Action Replay may not have the software to run on your computer try letting it update and then see what happens.

What code in the action replay for Pokemon diamond you can download Pokemon?

i don't know what you mean by download, but if you get pokesav from pokemonproject,org, you can completely modify your pokemon. then connect your action replay to the computer

Why when you connect your action replay ds to the computer via usb cable and press quick update might it says you need to connect the action replay ds to the computer before it can be updated?

Are you sure your using Windows Vista? If not tell codejunkies about what happened. Heres the website:

Why is my action playing every one of my games except Pokemon white?

It is probably because you have not updated your Action Replay with the two new games: Pokemon Black and White.NOTE: If you have the Action Replay DS, consider switching to the Action Replay DSi.You must connect your Action Replay with your computer and go to their main website.

How do you put new codes on your action replay for DSi using your PC?

If you bought the action replay brand new, it should have come with a disk and a USB connector, Install Action replay code manager onto your computer then plug the USB connector into the back of the action replay and the computer and select connect in the top right hand corner of the screen and you are connected!