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Salamence can only learn Hydro Pump as an egg move in Pokemon Emerald.

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Q: Can Salamence learn hydro pump in Pokemon Emerald?
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Can salamence learn hydro pump in emerald?

Yes but only via egg move.

How does salamence learn outrage in Pokemon emerald?

no, it cant learn it. but u might be able to learn it from a move tutor

What level does gyados learn hydro pump in pokemon emerald?


What level does your flygon altaria and salamence learn earthquake in Pokemon emerald?

salamance didn`t learn earthquake but you can teach it using TM

How can your salamence learn hydro pump by breeding?

No, Salamence can only learn one of these moves, if u want a hydropump, get a male gyrados, kingdra, seedra milotic,,, these pokemon must have a hyropump, and a female salamence if u want a dragon rush get ur self a male garchop which has a dragon rush move and female salamence so the egg will become bagon

Which Pokemon can learn HM fly in Pokemon emerald?

Here is the list of Pokemon who can learn Fly: Salamence Rayquaza Crobat Zatu Skarmory Taillow Swellow Wingull Pelliper Vibrava Flygon Swablu Altaria I made Swellow and Flygon Learn IT.

Can salamence learn outrage in Pokemon white and how?


When does salamence learn dragonclaw in emerald?

it learns dragon claw at lvl 79

What moves will whiscash learn in the whole game in Pokemon emerald?

the best moves he can learn is hyper beam,fissure,earthquake,facade or hydro cannon (i think)

What Pokemon can learn hydro cannon?

The only Pokemon that can learn Hydro Cannon are: Blastoise, Feraligatr, Marshtomp, and Empolion.

What moves does salamence learn?

Well Salamance learns dragon breath, fly, then dragon claw. I don't really think it learns outrage. well in emerald my salamence is level 59 and still didn't learn dragon claw weird huh well i hope salamence will learn dragon claw at level 60 and up in emerald or any other version

In Pokemon emerald can a bagon learn hydro pump by breeding?

It can if you breed it with Gyarados Yes it can because its an egg type move which means it can only learn this move from breeding a Pokemon as the same egg type as bagon which is dragon. You only need to breed bagon or one of its evolved forms like shelgon or salamence with a Pokemon whose egg type is dragon and knows the move hydro pump. Of course when passing on moves the likely hood always increases if both Pokemon know the move but that isn't possible in this case. Since Gyrados is a Water 2/Dragon egg type it is possible to produce a bagon with hydro pump. from Satores