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no, it cant learn it. but u might be able to learn it from a move tutor

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2010-12-30 01:48:17
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Q: How does salamence learn outrage in Pokemon emerald?
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Can salamence learn outrage in Pokemon white and how?


Can Salamence learn hydro pump in Pokemon Emerald?

Salamence can only learn Hydro Pump as an egg move in Pokemon Emerald.

What moves does salamence learn?

Well Salamance learns dragon breath, fly, then dragon claw. I don't really think it learns outrage. well in emerald my salamence is level 59 and still didn't learn dragon claw weird huh well i hope salamence will learn dragon claw at level 60 and up in emerald or any other version

How does salamence learn outrage?

Salamence can't naturally learn Outrage in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and it can't learn it through breeding either however in Platinum you can teach it Outrage by going to the Move Tutor in the Survival Area located in Route 226, you need Rock Climb to get up to the house as well as 6 Red Scales and 2 Yellow Scales in your bag in order for the Tutor to teach Salamence the Outrage move.

What level does your flygon altaria and salamence learn earthquake in Pokemon emerald?

salamance didn`t learn earthquake but you can teach it using TM

What level does salamence learn outrage?

he dosent... but I (THINK) you can teach it to him but I dont think it would work..

Which Pokemon can learn HM fly in Pokemon emerald?

Here is the list of Pokemon who can learn Fly: Salamence Rayquaza Crobat Zatu Skarmory Taillow Swellow Wingull Pelliper Vibrava Flygon Swablu Altaria I made Swellow and Flygon Learn IT.

When does Dragonight learn outrage in Pokemon?

It learned outrage in lv 73 in mine!!!!!!!!!

When does salamence learn dragonclaw in emerald?

it learns dragon claw at lvl 79

Can salamence learn hydro pump in emerald?

Yes but only via egg move.

Can Charizard learn Outrage in Pokemon?

Yes. you can take it to the battle frontier and have someone teach it outrage for Pokemon heartgold/ soulsilver

How do you get your Charizard to learn Dragon Breath?

you can use a gameshark code . it enables to learn a Pokemon a move also dragonbreath is a TM try to find it in emerald/firered. or get a rayquaza that has outrage that is better.

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