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You have to get into Saffron City. To get in, you must pass the guards. To do this, you go to the Celadon City Department Store and go to the top floor, to the drink machine. Buy a Water and take it to the guard. She will ask for it, so give it to her and she will let you through to Saffron. Defeat Team Rocket in Saffron City (Silph Co) and also under the Rocket Game Corner. This is done by looking under the poster there. Now you can go into the Saffron Gym for the sixth badge. Defeat the gym on Cinnabar Island and the Viridian Gym and now you have all eight badges. (This is if only if you have defeted the other gyms, too)

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Q: How do you get sixth badge in Pokemon Red?
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What is the sixth badge on Pokemon FireRed?


Were do you get the sixth badge in Pokemon FireRed?

Saffron city.

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The sixth badgeno actually it the third badge

What city is the sixth badge in Pokemon ruby?

Fortree City ( Feather Badge ) Leader's pokemon: Altaria, Swellow, Skarmory, Pelipper

Where is the sixth gym badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The sixth gym badge (the Marsh badge) is located at Saffron City's gym. It is in Gym Leader Sabrina's possession, so you have to defeat her to obtain it.

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the sixth gym badge is the jet badge and the type they have are flying type hope this helps:]

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i haht Pokemon soulsilver so live with it itiet

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The Cascade Badge

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In Pokemon Red, the fifth badge is possessed by the Poison-Type Koga. The badge is named Soul Badge. It lets you use Surf outside of Battle.

What do you do after your done beating the sixth badge in Pokemon on Game Boy?

which game series

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you go south from mount pyre