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i haht Pokemon soulsilver so live with it itiet

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Q: How do you get the sixth gym badge in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Where is the sixth gym badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The sixth gym badge (the Marsh badge) is located at Saffron City's gym. It is in Gym Leader Sabrina's possession, so you have to defeat her to obtain it.

Where do you get the 7nth gym badge on Pokemon soulsilver?

the next gym is @ Mahogany Town

Were do you get the fourth gym badge in the kanto region in Pokemon soulsilver?


Where is the sixth badge pearl?

You can only get the Sixth Badge from the Sixth gym leader. After defeating the Sixth gym leader, the gym leader will give you the Sixth Badge.

How do you get the 6th badge from Kanto in Pokemon soulsilver?

You beat the 6th gym leader.

Where do you find the sixth badge in Pokemon leaf green?

in gym durr

Where is the 7 bagde on Pokemon SoulSilver?

The 7th badge/gym is in Mahogany Town. The Gym Leader mainly has ice type pokemon.

Where is sixth gym Pokemon Ruby?

The sixth gym is Mossdeep City Gym - Gym Leaders Liza and Tate (Mind Badge). You have to surf right of Lilycove city.

How do you get the ninth badge on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Go to the gym in Vermillion City in Kanto and battle Lt. Surge, the Gym Leader. He'll give you the 9th Gym Badge after you defeat him.

What number is the jet badge in Pokemon white?

the sixth gym badge is the jet badge and the type they have are flying type hope this helps:]

Where is the sixth gym in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Johto, it is in Olivine City. In Kanto, it is in Fuchsia City.

In Pokemon soulsilver where do you get the 15 gym badge?

There is only 8 badges. Gym 1-8 Elite 1-4 The Champion