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Get electribuzz Electrizer and trade it

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Q: How do you get electavire in Pokemon platinum?
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Where is the electrizer in Pokemon FireRed?

There is none. Only in diamond, pearl, and platinum, looking for a reason? Okay. You only need it for getting electavire and there a none of that Pokemon in leaf green.

How do you get electavire in Pokemon pearl?

Get an elekid or electabuzz and train it!

Who evolves from electrivire Pokemon cards?


How do you catch the evolution of electabuzz on Pokemon firered?

You can't because it doesn't exist in firered migrate it to diamond, pearl or platinum then have them trade it with a electarizer or whatever its called and it will become electavire.

Where do you find electavire in Pokemon black?

You'll have to find a Pokemon Electabuzz holding a Electrizer and it is in trading.

What is the Pokemon that loves the Electirizer?

give electabuzz it and the trade it then trade it back it will be an electavire

What electric Pokemon is the best in Pokemon Platinum?

if you have platinum you can get magnemite at fuego ironworks wich become magnezone good move set for magnimite thunderbolt,shock wave,flash cannon and another and electavire but first electabuzz wich can be caught at the route before sunyshore all the rest are available in diamond/pearl/platinum riachu jolteon luxray there are more but i cant remember them

Action replay codes to get electavire?

No there aren't codes for electavire i think

What Pokemon would you use to battle cyris in Pokemon pearl?

id say magmortar, electavire,machamp,ur starterpokemon,luxray,and any other Pokemon

Where to get Milotic in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't get the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum.

Does Ash beat paul in the Pokemon league?

yes ash does beat paul it was infernape vs electavire it was a good battle

What is better Pokemon Pearl or platinum?

i reckon PLatinum. it has all the new features but doesnt allow some Pokemon to appear in the wild that do in Diamond/ pearl. but platinum also has even rarer Pokemon that don't appear in pearl/diamond. I have all three. YAY

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