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There is none. Only in diamond, pearl, and platinum, looking for a reason? Okay. You only need it for getting electavire and there a none of that Pokemon in leaf green.

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Q: Where is the electrizer in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do I get electrizer in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't.

Where do you find an Electrizer in Pokemon FireRed?

This item does not exist in Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

What dos the electronizer do on Pokemon Diamond?

The electrizer on Pokemon Diamond is used by Electabuzz to evolve into Electivire. To get the electrizer in Pokemon Diamond you must have inserted Pokemon Firered in the game boy slot.

Where do you find the electrizer in Pokemon Pearl?

I have Pokemon pearl and i remember getting the electrizer. step by step insructions 1. Have Pokemon Firered inserted 2. go to valley windworks and with the firered game is inseted there is a 10% chance of elekid appering in the grass. 3. when capturing elekid there is a 50-50 chance of him holding an electrizer item. thats the only way to get an electrizer unless you trade it from another game .... hoped this helped!

How do you get an Electrizer in Pokemon Diamond Version with out FireRed?

On route 222 you can find Electabuzz.Those Pokemon hold them in the wild sometimes when you catch them

How do you get an Electrizer in Pokemon Diamond Version?

To get the Electrizer in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you must have Pokemon FireRed inserted in Game Boy slot. FireRed allows you to catch an Elekid at the Fuego Ironworks, which have a 50% chance to hold an Electrizer for Diamond, 5% for Pearl. For Pokemon Platinum, go to Route 205 and go to the bridge. Use Surf at the right side of the bridge, and follow the river until you see the second turbine. Land next to the second turbine, and there should be a pokeball there. Obtain it and it should say that you just got the Electrizer.

What is the code for electrizer for action replay ds?

Dude sorry to say but I don't think theres a code for the electrizer how about you get firered and put it into your game slot then got to valley winwork walk aroung catch elekid and see if it has an electrizer. in Pokemon pearl there's 5% chance of an elekid having an electrizer or in Pokemon diamond a 50% chance of getting an elekid that has an electrizer. hope this helps

How do you get an electrizer in Pokemon pearl?

Wild Elekids are sometimes found holding them. To catch an Elekid go to Valley Windworks with FireRed in your DS

Where do you get an electrizer on Pokemon platinum?

You can find electrizer in valley windworks.

How can you get an electraizer in Pokemon Pearl?

The electrizer can be found held by wild Elekid (5% of the time). Elekid can be found at the Valley Windworks if you have Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of your DS.

Where to find the electrizer in Pokemon?

put in Pokemon fire red and there will be a elekid with an electrizer in the valley wind works field.

Where to get electrelizer in Pokemon Pearl?

If you catch elekid(firered in GBA slot in valley windworks), it has a 50% chance of holding the electrizer in diamond.(in pearl, it has a 5% chance)

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