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There is no grunt that you can give a Pokemon to in Pokemon platinum.

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Q: How do you give the grunt a Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where is the grunt you get the key from on Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum you dont get the key from a grunt you get from the detective, before getting the key you have to go talk to prof. rowan in the library .

How do you get past grunt in mt coronet Pokemon platinum?

you don't neEd to past a grunt you need to go to a another way, that grunt is there for nothing.

In Pokemon platinum where is the galactic grunt thirdleader?

veillstone city i think??????????????????

Where does the grunt go in Pokemon platinum after beating crasher wake?

to verity lake

In Pokemon Platinum in the cave how do you get the grunt to move?

hey Pokemon platinum... where did you download the Pokemon platinum game? can you tell me?

How do you get past the galactic grunt with no Pokemon in Mt.Cornett on Pokemon platinum version?

use action replay and walk though him or GET SOME POKEMON EDIT:He doesn't mean that he doesn't have any pokemon, the grunt doesn't!

How do you swim around the grunt in front of the cave in mt coronet on Pokemon platinum?

you need to get a move called surf. You can only give surf to a water Pokemon

What do you do after you beat the fifth gym in Pokemon platinum?

Follow Galactic Grunt until he battles you.

How do you get passed the grunt at the entrance of spear pillar in Pokemon platinum version?

You defeat Cyrus.

Ds Pokemon platinum How do you get past the Galactic Grunt with no Pokemon in frontof the cave in mt coronet?

you have to swim around him

What to do in Pokemon platinum when grunt says he is lost and has no Pokemon?

You don't do anything. For more information contact me at

Where is the galactic grunt key on Pokemon platinum?

you have to beat the snowpoint city gym leader go to the lake by the city go to the front of the galactic velstone bilding there will be a grunt talk to the grunt and he will drop the key