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You must buy card packs at stores like Toy's R Us or Walmart. Those card packs come with a code you can enter in which allows you to have better cards.

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Q: How do you get better card in club penguin dojo?
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Where is Card Jistu on Club Penguin?

its in the dojo

Club penguin tell a dojo card code?

Yes they can

How do you card juistu cards without paying for them on Club Penguin?

go to dojo

On Club Penguin ds where is the dojo?

nowhere that was the very old version of club penguin

Where is the shadow dojo on Club Penguin?

Card-jitsu shadow is a mystery that can somehow be unlocked in the dojo and I USED to know how to get there but after the card-jitsu party, I had no clue.

How can you get to water dojo in Club Penguin?

There Is No Water Dojo In Club Penguin. There Might Be One In The Future, But As Of Right Now, There Is No Water Dojo.

On club penguin what place is card jitsu water held?

The waterfall in the background of the dojo courtyard.

Water dojo on Club Penguin?

There is no water dojo but there will be soon

Why is there a fire dojo in club penguin but not a water dojo or a snow dojo?

There is also a water dojo now. Other dojos may have not come out yet, or are just not to Club Penguin's satisfaction.

Who is sensei on Club Penguin?

Go in the dojo and there he is. A grey Japanese penguin with a hat and a beard. He sits in the corner. You can play card-jitsu with him.

Where do you get the anti lava boots on club penguin?

you go to the fire dojo and play the card jisto fire and get it

What do you do at the Club Penguin fire dojo?

You play the new game, Card-Jitsu Fire. Well, when it comes out. ;-)