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As far as I know, Nintendo DS does not have sleep mode.

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Q: How do you get my Nintendo DS out of sleep mode?
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Do you waste battery when you put your Nintendo DS in sleep mode?

yes you do waste battery and also if you leave it there to long the battery will die

Can Nintendo 3DS play in cooperative mode a Nintendo DS game with Nintendo DS?

Yes, in 3ds download play, select that you want to play with a regular ds.

What do the m mean on Nintendo DS?

Manual Mode

Is there zombie mode on ds on world at war?

No it was not part of the WAW game for Nintendo DS and nothing you can do will add it.

How do you sleepmode for ds?

Just shut the lid of the ds and it will automatically go into sleep mode!

Is there any Nintendo DS emulator which supports dual slot mode?

no get a life.

Is Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for the Nintendo ds?

No, Its coming out for the PSP.

How do you change from Auto Mode to Manual Mode i in Nintendo DS?

Take out all games. then turn on. then change in settings.

Is Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep coming out for Nintendo ds?

No, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is special to the PSP

What happens if a Nintendo ds turns on and off?

it restarts the ds from the begging at the main menu mode and unless you did not save your data it will be lost!

Will Kingdom Hearts ever come back to Nintendo ds or PS2 after 3652?

No the PSP game Birth by Sleep will not come out for the Nintendo DS or the PS2 Yes.I'm not sure when but there is going to be something called kingdom hearts birth by sleep.

Why does your DSI go into sleep mode when its set on top of your DS?

Just Cause