What was the code name for the Nintendo DS?

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The code name for a Nintendo Ds, is Ds

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Q: What was the code name for the Nintendo DS?
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How do you get your friend code Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS does not have friend codes so you will be unable to trade codes.

What is the unlock code for Nintendo DS world of zoo?

There are no unlock codes for World of Zoo on Nintendo DS. World of Zoo was released on Nintendo DS in 2009.

Can you get Snap Chat on Nintendo DS?

No, you cannot get Snap Chat on a Nintendo DS. The DS cannot run unauthorised code, only code that Nintendo has allowed.

What is a game ID for the Nintendo DS how do you get it?

The game ID for a Nintendo DS game can be found on the cartridge. There will be a code, which is specific for each DS game.

Is there a code for Petz horsez 2 on Nintendo DS?

No. There is not any code.

What is a code for Ener-g Dance Star for Nintendo DS?

There is no code.

What is your ssid code for Nintendo ds?


What is the code for poptropica adventures on Nintendo DS?


What is Nintendo WFC id?

its Nintendo wifi connection its like your code that you have on your ds its like the wii with the friend code :)

How do you set up Nintendo WiFi Connection?

Nintendo Wi-Fi connection is already setup on the Nintendo Wii and DS, and is linked to your Friend Code. This is specific to the games on the DS, however it is usually your Wii Friend Code on the Nintendo Wii.

What is the cheat code in victorious Hollywood arts debut nintendo ds game?

Victorious Nintendo Spiel cheat Code

Nintendo DS - What does the 'D' and the 'S' mean?

The "DS" in the name "Nintendo DS" means both these two things:* "Developers' System" * "Dual Screen" The codename for the Nintendo DS before launch was "Nitro".----

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