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There are no unlock codes for World of Zoo on Nintendo DS. World of Zoo was released on Nintendo DS in 2009.

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Q: What is the unlock code for Nintendo DS world of zoo?
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What is the unlock code in world of zoo for PC?

There is not a listed unlock code for the World of Zoo on the PC. To unlock areas or levels you must play through the game.

What is the unlock code on world of zoo?


What is the world of zoo unlock code to unlock the exclusive penguin?

889564327454 does not work

What is the unlock code for the bear in world of zoo?

enter 5544789

Can you get Unlock codes for world of zoo?

yes can but i don't know the code?????????

What is the secret code in Moshi Monsters to unlock the moshling zoo?

You have to be a paid member to have a Moshling Zoo. No code is needed.

What is the code for Nipper on the Nintendo DS game?

To attract Nipper the moshling, you have to buy the Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo game for Nintendo DS. The game comes with a code to get the Robo Dendron seed. Note: the code is a one-time use, non-sharable code and can only be used once. You have to get the Moshling Zoo Nintendo DS game for yourself.

What is the best selling game for Nintendo?

it is moshi monsters moshling zoo which includes the code for nipper

How do you use the action replay max cash code for zoo tycoon 2 ds?

you can't you have to beat dream zoo and you will unlock unlimited cash.

How do you get Nipper the moshling with out the moshling zoo game?

You can not get Nipper the moshling unless you buy the Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo game for Nintendo DS and get the code.

How do you get nippir the moshling on moshi monster?

You have to purchase a Nintendo DS game called: Moshling Zoo and then it will tell you a code.

What is the code for world of zoo ds?

ya mom

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