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16around 6600 xp

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Q: Naruto arena what level do you become a missing nin?
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In naruto arena what level do you become a missing nin?

16 around about 6600 exp

How do you get to missing ninja in Naruto arena fast?

yo most become level 16 or above

How do you become a chuunin on Naruto arena?

Win battles often and level up. That's all there is to it.

Which level you can be a Hokage in naruto arena?

i dont really know but i think in level 20 or 25.

How do you become chunin in naruto-arena?

By winning ladder battles until you reach the certain level in which you are titled a Chuunin. Visit the "Game Manual" for more information.

How come on Naruto Arena you were a Missing Ninja and a guy you were fighting had the 2nd Hokage and Deidara how did he get them?

Your opponent has reseted his/her account. When an user resets their account, they go back to level 1 but keeps the characters that they unlocked.

How do you become genein in naruto-arena?

very simple actually just do ladder rank and level up till you get to a 6 then it will say you have become a genin. you can only level up by winning battles but you need exp first and the higher level u become the higher exp u need.

How do you get to chuiin level on Naruto-arena?

Step 1: Play ladder games. Step 2: Get your level to 12. Step 3: Your a Chunnin.

How do you get to genin in Naruto arena?

its either you are not strong enough or you dont reach level six (genin at lvl six)

How can you use cheat engine in Naruto Arena i want to know i want to try it?

use a level 4 jutsu activation

How do you become a chunin on naruto arena?

You Battle opponents in the ladder rank matches until you make it up to level 11 or 12 (cant remember sorry) but i think its level 11. Dont bother about doing private or quick games, as they dont count towards your exp.

What are the ranking levels naruto arena?

Level 1-5: Academy Student Level 6-10: Genin Level 11-15: Chuunin Level 16-20: Missing-Nin Level 21-25: ANBU Level 26-30: Jounin Level 31-35: Sannin Level 36-40: Jinchuuriki Level 41-45: Akatsuki Level 46-50: Kage Level 46-50 + Rank #1: Hokage