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you need to have the expansion pack The Sims 2 University

a sim will have more likely chance of getting a head start if the go to college first

but if you dont feel like doing that then pres ctrl shif c on your keyboard at the same time, than a white box will appear at the top at the screen. then type this exact code. BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true

then press enter

and when you play the game wait till the news paper comes and press shift and click on it at the same time. options will apear about what jobs you want and what level you want

then click on paranormal then whatever level you want :) hope i helped

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Q: How do you get a paranormal career in sims 2?
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Can you escape the grim reaper on The Sims 2 Deluxe?

Not that I know of, but another sim who is on the paranormal career path can resurrect a dead sim.

How do you get the ressurect o nomitron on the sims 2 seasons?

Get a job in the Paranormal career track, and you will get it as a career reward. You can get ressurect o nomitron by cheats also. Type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, than shift click on newspaper and select "Career rewards", than "Paranormal". It should appear in your sim's inventory, where career rewards are.

How do you get the resurrect o nomitron on the sims 2?

you have to have Sims 2 university expansion pack then get a career and it is a career reward

How do you get laganaphyllis simnovorii in the sims 2?

One of your controlled sims has to have reached the top of the natural science career. i think that career is only available with the Sims 2 University expansion.

How do you bring a sim back to life in The Sims 2 nightlife?

two ways 1.} Insinerator which is a mod OR 2.} Install sims 2 university and unlock the paranormal career reward which u can use to bring ur sims back from the dead by paying the grim reaper money (if you want your sim/s back in one piece pay 4500-5000 simloans)

How do you get the Resurrect-O-Nomitron on Sims 2?

You must reach the top of the Paranormal career (it comes with university, so if you don't have that, you're out of luck.) Then, once getting to the top, you should go into the Career Rewards section (under the backpack icon, same as aspiration Rewards and inventory) and find it.

Sims 2 can you make a zombe?

Yes, but you have to have University, and be high in the Paranormal careertrack then when you are far into it, go onto the career rewards and you should get a phone, kill off one of your Sims, and then ring up the Grim Reaper on the paranormal phone ( the one in the career rewards), pay a small amount of money and the dead person will come back as a zombie, BUT - YOUR ZOMBIE SIM WILL HAVE LITTLE MOTIVES, THEIR SKILLS WILL GO DOWN, AND THEY WONT HAVE MUCH OF A PERSONALITY, Oh, and they walk as if they have had a stroke, I know that isn't a very nice thing to say, but they do......and they have weird faces, they are just like other Sims in what they can do, apart from they can rummage around in bins, and they cannot turn other Sims into zombies.

How do you get drafting table on sims 2?

You have to earn it through the architechture career.

Which expansion pack do you get the teacher career from on sims 2?

The sims 2 pets(but i am pretty sure that you can become a teacher in every expansion pack)

How do you make your sim a teacher in The Sims 2 apartment life?

If by that you mean A career choice as a teacher, then this feature is only available on the sims 2 seasons.

Can you be a lawyer on sims 2?

I think that is one of the stages in the law enforcment career.

How do you get a music career on Sims 3?

You can get a music career on Sims 3 by going to the theatre and clicking on the option 'Join music career'