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you cant unfourtanately

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Q: How do you get a legendary Pokemon egg on Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get a lugia egg in diamond?

It is not possible to get a Lugia egg in Pokemon Diamond. It is generally impossible to get an egg of a Legendary Pokemon the only exceptions being Manaphy and Phione.

Where is the houndour egg in Pokemon Diamond?

i am not sure but probably so the only ones that do not are the legendary and starter except for manaphy who's egg is another Pokemon

Can a heatran and a Ditto make an egg in diamond? fact no Legendary Pokemon can breed except Rotom.

What Pokemon can you use with Dialga to get an egg on diamond?

None, Legendary Pokemon cannot breed. If you want another you must hack or trade.

Can you get a legendary Pokemon egg?


How do you get a legendary Pokemon egg if the ditto and the legendary Pokemon don't get along?

It is absolutely impossible to get Legendary Pokemon eggs.

In Pokemon Diamond which Pokemon breed?

Any Pokemon with a matching Egg Group can be able to breed. Ditto, with the exception of having its own Egg Group, can be able to breed with any Pokemon, except for Baby Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon (Besides Manaphy, who can be bred with Ditto to get a Phione Egg), and No-Egg grouped Pokemon.

How do you get a Reggigigas egg without trading it or action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

it is impossible to get an egg of a legendary Pokemon exept for Manaphy and Phione without AR codes, GS codes or codebreaker codes.

What are the legendary Pokémon in diamond and pearl version?

the legendary Pokemon in diamond and pearl are dialga and palkia.

What level does your Pokemon have to be to make an egg with ditto in diamond?

it doesnt matter it just cant be a baby form of a Pokemon (like happiny or smoochum) and it cant be legendary.

Can you get a legendery Pokemon egg?

you can but you have to have a female legendary and a male legendary

Can a legendary Pokemon in black lay an egg?

No legendary Pokemon in history can breed. GENDER OR NOT!