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Q: Can you get a legendary Pokemon egg?
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How do you get a legendary Pokemon egg if the ditto and the legendary Pokemon don't get along?

It is absolutely impossible to get Legendary Pokemon eggs.

Can you get a legendery Pokemon egg?

you can but you have to have a female legendary and a male legendary

Can a legendary Pokemon in black lay an egg?

No legendary Pokemon in history can breed. GENDER OR NOT!

How do you get a legendary egg in Pokemon white?

You can never get an legendary egg without a ditto. And then it might not work.

How do you get a legendary Pokemon egg on Pokemon Diamond?

you cant unfourtanately

How can you have a legendary egg without tweaking?

You cannot have a legendary egg. Legendary Pokemon cannot breed. The only way to get one is to cheat.

How do you get Legendary Pokemon egg?

TO Get A legendary Pokemon egg you need this code( action replay) hufhdewylfhaefhauebcue<wkdfn<vklrnhcuc<lknhe<unlrgft v<lkenhcuw4agtc734y57r8q

How can you get legendary egg in Pokemon HeartGold?

No legendary can lay an egg except for manaphy which gives an egg to phione and you can not get manaphy or phione in heartgold

How do you get legendary eggs in Pokemon Platinum?

it is not possible as legendary Pokemon are not breedable

Can Celebi have an egg in Pokemon black version?

No, Celebi or any other Legendary Pokemon can't have an egg.

Can legendary Pokémon have an egg with a normal Pokémon?

No. Legendary Pokemon can't have eggs at all

How do you get a legendary Pokemon egg in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot get Legendary Pokémon Eggs in Pokémon LeafGreen due to Legendary Pokémon being incapable of breeding.