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capture the legendary and train your Pokemon

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Q: What do you do after you have become the champion in Pokemon diamond version?
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How do you end Pokemon Diamond?

there is actually no finish to Pokemon diamond as you can keep trading and catching Pokemon. however, the actual storyline finishes when you become Pokemon champion.

How do you become the champion of Sinnoh and get the national dex on Pokemon diamond?

You become the champion by beating Cynthia and you have to battle everyone in the game to get the national dex

Can you battle Cynthia on Pokemon Diamond?

You eventually have to beat her. She is the champion to the elite 4. So after you beat them you beat her, become a champion, and your Pokemon go into the hall of fame. So choose your favorite Pokemon!

How do you get on the boat in snowpiont on diamond version?

u have 2 become champion by beatin Cynthia then u talk to the sailor :)

How to be a leaguemaster in Pokemon Diamond?

In order to become the master of the Pokemon League, you must defeat the Elite Four and the current Champion. You will then become the League Master. However, when you go back to the Pokemon League, you will fight the Elite Four and the previous Champion as though you never became the Master of the Pokemon League.

How do you get out to snowpoint temple in Pokemon diamond?

You need to become the champion then when you enter the gym leader will say that she had a word with Cynthia and that you can go in

What is Pokémon Black and Pokémon White about?

Pokemon Black and White is about to become the champion. During your journey, you encounter new Pokemon, new characters, and new gym leaders. After you become the champion, you set your goal to complete the Unova Pokedex, then the National Pokedex. There is a selection of requirements to fulfill if you want to be recognized as the champion. When you fulfill this requirements, your Trainer card becomes the Black card in Pokemon Black Version, and the White card in Pokemon White Version.

In Pokemon LeafGreen how do you become the Pokemon league champion?

You have to beat the original champion in the game

How do you become the Pokemon champion?

In any Pokemon game, you must defeat the elite four and the champion.

Can you become a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?


Who is Cynthia on Pokemon diamod?

the sinnoh league champion. defeat her and become the champion.

Who is the champion of the Pokemon league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Gary until you beat him and then you get put into the hall of fame and you become champion