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Chansey may rarely be found on Routes 13, 14, and 15, which are found east of Fuchsia City in Kanto. Kanto can only be accessed after beating the Pokemon League.

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Q: How do you get a chansey in Pokemon HeartGold?
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At what price should i sell my Pokemon card chansey prime from heartgold?

7 $

Where do you catch a Chansey in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokémon HeartGold, you can catch Chansey in Routes 13, 14 and 15 and additionally you can catch it in the Johto Safari Zone after placing 12 Plain Objects in the Meadow area.on the pokemon radio pf oak and mary will say where it can be found

How do you get a lucky egg in Pokemon HeartGold?

To get a Lucky Egg in Pokemon HeartGold (This goes for Pokemon SoulSilver as well), you must find a Chansey in the wild that is holding it. Chanseys are hard to find in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver so you'll have to wait and listen to Professor Oak's Radio Show to know if it is in swarm (Meaning you can find a lot of them on the certain route Oak's Show told you about). To know for sure if a Chansey is holding a Lucky Egg, have a Pokemon that knows the Ability "Frisk", such as a Stantler. Put it into the first slot in your party. When you go into battle and encounter a Chansey, "Frisk" will tell you what it is holding. If nothing happens, then that means Chansey isn't holding anything.

When does chansey evolve in HeartGold?

Chansey evolves when you increase its happiness. So beat loads of Pokemon with it without fainting, and give it loads of berries that increase its happiness. Good Luck.

Where do you find a Happiny on HeartGold?

You have to breed a Chansey.

Where do you find a lucky egg in heartgold?

Wild Chansey

Where can you find happiny man in Pokemon HeartGold?

Breed Ditto With Chansey Holding Luck Incense (Found in Vermillon City Kanto) Then You'll Get Happiny

How do you get a chansey in HeartGold?

occassionally, Mary and oak's radio broadcast notifies you of a swarm of chansey appearing at route 13.

What Pokemon will chansey and Ditto breed?

chansey dude.

Where do you catch a Chansey in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokemon silver you can catch a chansey in Fuschia city at midnight or a silver chansey in the morning. Hope this helps

Where do i get a chansey in Pokemon indigo?

Chansey can be found in Mauville City Gym map.

How does chansey evolve in Pokemon platinum?

One needs to increase Chansey's happiness to its maximum.