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Maybe the server is temporarily not available or you are using anjocaido's minecraft launcher. If you have that you need to download Hamachi and Type Server iD IP Password and Gate

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Q: How do you conect to a minecraft server when it says failed to connect?
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What does Failed to connect to the server Connection refused connect mean on minecraft?

either you don't have An internet connection or you have a cracked account on minecraft and it wont let you on. The alternative to this is their minecraft server was having issues.

How do you connect to your friends minecraft hamachi server i can connect to the hamachi network but i cant connect to the minecraft server?

Type in the IP address or Hamachi address of your friend's correctly or play the premium Minecraft. Myncraft1: Your friends has to be on (Hamachi) to connect to his server

What does it mean when Failed to connect to the server Unknown host server address comes up in minecraft?

its means u got ban from it or ur got ban on mcbans

What code does your friend have to use to connect to your minecraft server?

To connect to any Minecraft server you have to know and input their IP address when it prompts you.

What firewall do you unblock to connect to a minecraft server?

The default Minecraft port is 25565.

How do you connect to a minecraft server?

you need a premuim account and then click multiyplayer type the ip of the server then press connect then your in

Why cant you connect to your own minecraft server?

check for problems in the server or your account. if your still stumped email minecraft for suport.

Why when you try to connect to your server in Minecraft it refuses?

There may be several reasons you would be unable to connect to your own server on Minecraft. First check to make sure you have not typed in the Ip address wrong. Second, make sure you are running the latest Minecraft server software(You have to download a new version after every Minecraft update). Thirdly, you cannot connect to a server using the computer that is running the said server.

Why won't my Minecraft connect to any servers?

If your Minecraft won't connect to any server simply restart your computer and the router.

How do you get to your Minecraft server?

go to to direct connect and type in localhost

What The Heck Is This on Minecraft PC Edition 1.10.2 it says Failed to connect to the server Username Cotains Invalid characters and my Tag Is AbbyMGaming How do I fix this?

Change your Mc username

When I try to play Minecraft it keeps saying Failed to connect to server Exception Connection timed out no further information. Why does that keep coming up.?

Try relogging.