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If your minecraft won't connect to any server simply restart your computer and the router.

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2013-12-31 11:12:09
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Q: Why won't my Minecraft connect to any servers?
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Why wont any servers work?

You probs have Cracked Minecraft. I have the same version, but a server that will work is Try that.

Any good servers for Minecraft 1.6.6?

No, there is not any good servers for Minecraft 1.6.6. In fact, there are no more 1.6.6 servers at all. There are only updated servers. My recamendation is for you to update minecraft. All of the servers, or the most active, always update.

How come you can't see any LAN servers on minecraft 1.4.4?

Me too, this version can't connect to lans. But the 1.4.5 version is fixed and can play lan servers again.

Are their any minecraft servers that have skyblock with nether enabled that are cracked?

Yes. There are minecraft servers that have skyblock with nether enabled that are cracked.

How come I can't connect to any servers on Minecraft?

I go on a Minecraft 1.2.4 server list, copy + paste the IP:PORT into the Direct Connect bar, and 99.99999% of the time, it won't work. Occasionally, I get into one, but then if I try to connect again, it says "Connection failed: Bad Login" ANY help is appreciated!

Are there any dating Minecraft severs?

No there isn't any dating servers

Is there any servers for minecraft that give you free op?


Are there any creative Minecraft servers with no bukkit or anti-grief?


Are the any minecraft cracked servers with free op?


Are there any minecraft servers with only EE2 and IC2?

no i havent found any

Who hosts Minecraft?

if you mean minecraft servers well they are hosted by different people any one can host a minecraft server.

Are there any good minecraft servers?

yes join

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