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its means u got ban from it or ur got ban on mcbans

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Q: What does it mean when Failed to connect to the server Unknown host server address comes up in minecraft?
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Why does minecraft say failed log in when you log in?

It means you can not connect to the Minecraft servers, check your network.

What does Failed to connect to the server Connection refused connect mean on minecraft?

either you don't have An internet connection or you have a cracked account on minecraft and it wont let you on. The alternative to this is their minecraft server was having issues.

How come I can't connect to any servers on Minecraft?

I go on a Minecraft 1.2.4 server list, copy + paste the IP:PORT into the Direct Connect bar, and 99.99999% of the time, it won't work. Occasionally, I get into one, but then if I try to connect again, it says "Connection failed: Bad Login" ANY help is appreciated!

Okay I'm trying to get a site to load to download something and when i type the address it says failed to connect?

to be exact: ---- ----

How do you conect to a minecraft server when it says failed to connect?

Maybe the server is temporarily not available or you are using anjocaido's minecraft launcher. If you have that you need to download Hamachi and Type Server iD IP Password and Gate

When I try to play Minecraft it keeps saying Failed to connect to server Exception Connection timed out no further information. Why does that keep coming up.?

Try relogging.

What The Heck Is This on Minecraft PC Edition 1.10.2 it says Failed to connect to the server Username Cotains Invalid characters and my Tag Is AbbyMGaming How do I fix this?

Change your Mc username

Littlebigplanet failed to connect players why?

Because of your internet connection

Why does it say login failed when you try to log in on minecraft launcher?

If it says login failed its either because your username or password is wrong or youdon'thave internet at the moment

What can you do if dhcp failed?

In case dhcp is failed then your ip address should start at 169.254.x.x (APPA IP) . Solution is that you have to put manually ip address to that system.

How do you debug Minecraft?

i am going to assume that you attempted a mod, but failed miserably. the easiest fix is to delete you bin folder. when you restart Minecraft, it will recreate it, and you should be good to go.

Why does it say Login Failed when you try to log in on Minecraft?

Because online mode is on in the settings. I get the error too.