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Simply click "Multiplayer" then do "direct connect" or "add server" and type in a server IP. From there, you can play with friends and family on a minecraft server.

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By joining a multiplayer server.

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Join Minecraft realms

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Q: How do you play minecraft online with random people?
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Is Minecraft not an online game to play?

Minecraft can be played online or offline. When you play online, you need Internet connection and you can play with other people. When you play offline, you don't need Internet connection but you can only play by yourself.

Can you have a Minecraft account with multiplayer?

You need a premium Minecraft account to play online with other people.

Do people sell CDs for Minecraft?

No, to play the full version of Minecraft, you need a premium account which has to be done online.

Where can you play minecraft online?


How do you play minecraft online xbox 360 without gold?

You can't as you need gold to interact with other people online

Do you have to be online to play minecraft?

No, you can play offline. Unless, of course, you want to play with someone online.

Is Minecraft download free?

You download it for free, but you have to purchase the game to play it. Added by another person: You can download it for free and you can play for free but not online. If you enter a random name and password and click login, you will come to have two options, retry login, or play offline.

Where can 1 find online Minecraft?

go to the minecraft website and play online or host your own world

What is the best online game of all time?

Well People Like to Play it a lot so Minecraft.

Where can you buy Minecraft for wii online?

The Wii cannot play minecraft legally.

Do minecraft giftcodes allow you to go online?

Yes minecraft giftcodes activate the full premium version of minecraft so you can play online Have Fun:)

Why cant i play minecraft online whenever i try to play online it says bad login?

You just need to restart minecraft its a glitch that sometimes happens.