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You just need to restart minecraft its a glitch that sometimes happens.

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Q: Why cant i play minecraft online whenever i try to play online it says bad login?
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Why cant i get on to minecraft servers i can only get on to one it comes up with bad login please help.?

to get onto a server you must log in with a valid minecraft account

Why can't you play minecraft offline or online?

well offline that you cant do unless you cant connect to a wifi. online you can do but you have to select it

Why cant you play offline on minecraft?

You can, you just have to play online once.

Why cant i play online on minecraft if I'm offline?

Because your offline and you haven't logged in.

How do you change your character on Minecraftjar for Mac?

pocket additon: you cant Computer:choose a skin you like click on it then press upload to minecarft it will take you to minecraft home login if you have not allready press change then go on to minecraft and your skin has been changed!

How do you get more bins to login on binweevils?

you cant people have to wait for people to login by thereself and dont pester them

Can you login and logout of a Flipnote Hatena account while on the DSi?

You can login on a DSi, but you cant logout. Sorry! :(

How do you get Minecraft on playbook?

You cant

How do you play multiplayer Minecraft not online with 1 Xbox 360?

well you cant really play multiplayer without another xbox remote so sorry guess you cant.

Why cant you join any servers in Minecraft you find online?

You can. The server just has to be on when you try to join or the server is whitelisted and you aren't on the whitelist.

How do you type in cheats on star wars battlefront on PS2?

you cant do it online but whenever you are on the other stuff you just press start and put them in

Why cant you login on WeeWorld anymore?

becuz itz deleted